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Getting Started

Do you want to start your QChain journey? QChain is not a scripted help desk corporation, but these practical guides will help you learn how to get started.

Getting Started

  1. 1.
    How to create a QChain account - anyone can create a wallet for free. This guide will show you where to start.
  2. 2.
    How to use a wallet - an introduction to the basic functions of any wallet and how to use them.

Using QChain products

  1. 1.
    How to send tokens to Staking – full instruction on how to send your tokens to QChain Stackng
  2. 2.
    How to import an account – import your QChain account
  3. 3.
    How to change the storage size - instructions on how to change the size of QStorage
  4. 4.
    How to send a file to the repository - instructions for files in QStorage
  5. 5.
    How to create a repository - instructions for creating a QStorage
  6. 6.
    How to transfer tokens between accounts - instructions for using QChain tokens
  7. 7.
    How to create your token - instructions on how to create your token in the QChain blockchain