How to install Qnode on Andriod and register an account.

Before installing Qnode, make sure that there is enough memory on your device, at least 550 MB.

In the Play Market application, enter the Qchain Node in the search graph

Choose Install.

In the opened application, click Next”.

Read the terms and conditions by ticking them off.

Then click Get started

Make sure you are on the mainnet network.

The network is displayed on the top panel of the screen in the center of the line.

Click "CREATE create a new account

Enter your account name (email), come up with a password, enter a new password.

Accept the terms of the user agreement and click Create an account.

We are waiting until all the blocks are loaded in one file, it may take some time.

After creating an account, the screen will display “Congratulations the account has been successfully created“ and two available functions:

Exporting the private key" either Skip

We strongly recommend choosing Exporting the private key

Then come up with your PIN code, which consists of 4 to 8 digits

Click Generate.

To save the key to a file, clickSave to file

Allow your app to access media and photos on your device and after selecting a place to save, click Save.

We recommend that you additionally save your private key, since in case of loss of your device, access to Qnode without a private key may be lost.

After exporting the key, go back to the previous tab and click “Skip”

Log in to your account by clicking Log in”, then enter your password and click Enter”.

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