How to import an account

Log in to the Qnode app by clicking “Log in”

Then click the "Import private key to transfer account" button

The screen will display "Download from file” or register the pin manually

To download a private key from a file, click "Download from file”

Next, select your private key file.

If your key didn't load immediately, try again.

In the line “PIN code" enter your PIN code, and click "Import”

The account recovery procedure is completed.

Attention!!! The exported private key can only be used once. After that, a new private key should be generated.

To do this, click "Save a copy of the private key”

Then create your PIN code and click “Generate”.

To save the new key to a file, click “Save to file”.

Select a storage location on the device and click “Save”.

In the upper left corner, click “Back”

In the android version, you will need to click “Done”

Now you can log in to your account using your username and password.

You are logged into your Qnode account. Enjoy your use.

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