Our products

Explore our product line and feel the power of new opportunities with Qchain's decentralized ecosystem. We're evolving every day!

QToken – Ultra-profitable token with steaking capability

QStaking – Betting from 100.000 QDT and making a profit

QSwap – Buy and sell QSTN tokens for fiat and cryptocurrency

MagicLotto – The world's first online lottery based on the latest generation of blockchain technology, providing an unlimited scaling system.

QChain Place – Today's digital marketplace of things, goods and NMTs, where all parties to the exchange - sellers and buyers - benefit from the sale by means of QDT tokens.

XGame Chain – The world's first casino based on blockchain 5.0 technology

QStorage – Use the full potential of decentralized storage.

QDEX – buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a decentralized way.

PowerSmart – Matrix marketing and passive income from smart contracts

AZPool – Unleash the potential of steaking

Age of Mars – Play and Earn

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