How to send a file to the storage

In order to send a file to the storage, you need to log in to the “Qnode" application. To do this, click “Log in” and enter your password.

In the lower panel, select the tab “Products”. Then click "Qstorage".

In the window that opens, a tab will appear in the lower panel “Create”. Go to this tab.

5 sections will appear on the screen:

- Upload image - Upload document - Upload file - Upload video - Upload Music

Select the section you need.

In the example below, we will upload a image.

To do this, click on "Upload image”

In the opened files, select the image we need.

Next, the “Image Upload" tab opens, it has 3 fields to fill in:

- File name - Description - Password

After filling in all the fields, click "Upload image".

A notification will appear on the screen “You will be charged 0.01 QDT”

Click "OK".

A new notification appears “Download completed successfully”, click ”OK".

The file has been successfully uploaded to the storage.

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